sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2008

Lisboa está na moda

Depois do New York Times nos colocar no 2.º lugar dentre 53 destinos para 2008, segue a Shermans Travel a colocar-nos em 3.º lugar no seu top 10.

"The cheapest capital in Western Europe (according to the 2007 Mercer Consulting survey) is worth a visit not only for its affordability – a huge plus when considering the anemic exchange rate of the U.S. dollar against the Euro these days – but for its dramatic hillside villages, fashionable cobblestone enclaves, and innovative cuisine. No longer just a stopover on the road to Porto, the capital of Portugal is fast becoming Europe’s next “it” city, which means crowds and inflated prices are bound to follow. Visit in 2008 before the buzz signals the hordes, and bask in the medieval streets of the Amalfa district, hip boutiques of the Bairro Alto, and trendy waterfront restaurants in the Docas area (where John Malkovich co-owns a trendy sushi joint). It may be the last year you'll enjoy any solitude in the peak summer season."

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Mia disse...

Cool!! Até que enfim que se fala deste cantinho... E não de coisas negativas!!